Why choose us?

There are three reasons why you can entrust your interests to us.

How we do business

Fill out the form

We consider your form

Our experts study your case.

We will set up a personal meeting.

At the meeting , we will clarify details of your case.

Singing of the contract

After clarifying all the details of the case, we will sign a contract if we decide to proceed with the case.

We are here to resolve your debt!

We will help to get back  your money that was lent on receipt,
and recover your deposit and all receivables under a contract .
Check of the contractor

Do you need to check your contractor?

The necessity for verification of a legal person as a contracting party arises when it is required either to clarify terms of further cooperation or determine the possibility of such cooperation in principle.

We provide up-to-date information on accounts, property and location of legal entities if requested by the client.

We provide free consultations on services.