Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

We provide services to legal entities

A debt of a legal person can involve an impressive number of companies with various ownership forms in  the series of mutual claims.  This state of affairs arises out of the possibility for one company to claim a debt from borrowers in order to pay for the services of another one.

When collecting debts from legal persons, we make a deep analysis of the disputable situation, develop a constructive line of business conduct and an optimal approach to communicate with the debtor. We consult on the possibilities arising from the issues. As a result, most of our clients’ financial disputes are resolved within 1-2 months.

We provide assistance  at any stage of a trial and pre-trial actions.

Borrowers often tend to make repayments at a pre-trial stage. These measures ensure them in  avoiding seizure of account or suspension  of activity. Moreover, when  delay in payment  is not long, it is possible to settle the case swiftly , by  way of conducting discussions and looking for mutually acceptable solutions for both parties. In this case our  lawyer will act as an arbiter and guarantor to ensure the fulfillment of obligations.

The judicial order of debt recovery requires strict regulation of all the processes. In such a situation, we provide all kind of support  from drafting a claim and following to the moment when the funds are credited to your account.

We take a responsible approach to our work. Our Agency  operates strictly within the legal frameworks, which guarantee the legitimacy of all the actions to our clients and ensure that there are no complications with the law enforcement agencies.

Proceeding with your  case, our lawyer will need a copy of at least one of the following documents:

Signed reconciliation statement.
Payment for the legal services provided by our professionals is made on the resolution of the dispute. Costs will be determined according to the volume of work and complexity of  a case.  As a result our clients generally pay between 10-30 % of the total amount collected. You can get more precise information  by calling us at +7-495-108-14-84 and +7-499-649-24-43 or by sending us the Application form below.

    Documentary proof of the outstanding debt:

    Bill of debt:


    Court decision: