Debt recovery

Debt Recovery

We provide services to Individuals

The collection of debts from individuals involves many issues. For example, there is a perception that it is not possible to get back the loan from an individual after the bankruptcy procedure has been initiated. But legal practices involve legitimate methods, which increase the possibilities of collecting debts even from a financially insolvent borrower. There are also subtle nuances and efficient ways to recover debts from individuals at the pre-trial stage itself, withholding the amount of debt from various sources of income, such as educational maintenance allowance, earnings, pension, etc, and collection from spouses or former family members. All these are factored in when dealing with the debts of qualified professionals.

We recover debts from individuals. Our lawyers offer case-by-case solutions for debt recovering. We use all legitimate methods while working on the cases and protect our clients’ interests or while communicating with the debtors.

Proceeding  with your case our lawyer will need a copy of at least one of the following documents:

Warrant of execution;
Court’s decision;
Promissory note.

The cost of services for legitimate recovery of debts from individuals is determined by the complexity of the case. In practice, even favorable judgement does not guarantee the actual return of funds. In order to get the result in the shortest possible time, please contact our professionals.

To get a consultation on debt recovery from an individual, call the phone numbers listed on the website or use the form below.

    Documentary proof of the outstanding debt:

    Bill od debt:


    Court decision: